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Fraudulent Essays

Credit card fraud is a serious crime and carries a maximum sentence of 14 years in the UK.

Below are recent examples of written materials stolen from Oxbridge Essays by fraudsters using stolen credit cards. All written materials stolen from Oxbridge Essays has been report to the police and all universities in the United Kingdom. This stolen materials will be picked up by plagiarism scanning software.

Oxbridge Essays
scam victims

Oxbridge Essays has a zero-tolerance policy for written materials stolen from us and has reported each case of stolen written materials to the police. Oxbridge Essays will work closely with the police to bring the fraudster to justice.

We seek prosecution in every single case of fraud, and when the cases we prosecute get to court, we always seek custodial sentences. Where the fraudster are overseas students we work with universities to revoke their visas and have them removed from the UK.

What to do if you
identify fraud

Note to Universities and the general public:

If you have identified any written material belonging to Oxbridge Essays please contact us on 0207 391 9032 so we can supply additional information to relevant police authorities and Universities.

List of fraudulent works

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