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    There are two aspects of the methodology of this dissertation that will be most challenging. One concerns the thorough collection of primary and secondary sources, and two, the collation and evaluation of these sources together with an attempt of finding general trends, without losing the intimacy of the sources themselves.

    Concerning the first challenge, Argentine scholars have only now, in the last decade, attempted to collate and categorise much of the primary sources that deal with the seventies dictatorship. The military junta itself organised many book burnings in Buenos Aires, Cordoba, and Santa Fe which left the country bereft of much of its shared knowledge as a nation. In addition, the curriculum of secondary school and tertiary subjects was severely controlled and overseen by those high up in the dictatorship and by those scholars that supported the regime, or were fearful for their academic positions, or their life. It is noted that in some instances, the teaching of new mathematics was banned for fear that it may have inculcated subversive ideas into young minds (Massarino, 2006). This left the scholarly, literary and intellectual sources on empty, to the point where the nation was slow to recuperate after a democracy was returned. Not only this, but many of the country's intellectuals were the first point of contact for the military, where many were taken in and questioned (in the least) for being secondary and tertiary teachers and […]

    Custom Analysis & Methodology Example 1

    Custom Analysis & Methodology Example 1

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