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Literature Reviews

Please find below details of our specialist service for Masters students looking to order a customised model literature review, either as part of a full dissertation order or as a standalone piece.

The Importance of Your Literature Review

Your literature review is the key theoretical section of your dissertation, and typically represents 30 - 40% of your overall dissertation's length. It is therefore critical that your literature review is as competently researched, structured and written as possible.

Nonetheless, despite its importance, putting together a comprehensive literature review can be a daunting task and it is here that very many students damage their overall dissertation mark by producing a poor literature review.

Typical Problems with Your Literature Review

Students frequently encounter several problems with their literature review.

Firstly, many Masters students will never have prepared such a specific type of work before and therefore are unfamiliar with the particular theoretical, structural and referencing requirements of a literature review. In particular, students often make the dangerous mistake of thinking that a literature review is a mere alphabetical presentation of the books and journals that you have used in your dissertation. The actual purpose of a literature review is to carefully choose a range of sources related to your title investigation and then to assess how the various theoretical and scholarly points raised in those sources establish the theoretical foundation for your own title. In other words, by analysing what prominent scholars have written on your dissertation area, you will be better prepared to contrast your own findings with theirs.

Other difficulties for students include managing the large volume of published material that is required for a literature review: typically, 20 - 100 sources. Analysing, synthesising and presenting the appropriate information, and formulating it into a well-structured review is often difficult, simply because it is the first time students have been asked to complete a task of this nature.

An Oxbridge Essays Literature Review

If you order a model literature review from us then it will be written by an expert academic in your subject with considerable personal experience of preparing such reviews.

Your custom literature review will contain a carefully chosen selection of academic books, journals and articles that will be carefully analysed to establish a strong theoretical foundation for the rest of your dissertation.

Our Literature Review Features

If you order a unique literature review from us, it will:

  • Be fully referenced according to the style required.
  • Contain at least 20 - 100 academic books, journals and articles as per your requirements.
  • Only contain and refer to books, journals and articles of the necessary academic standard.


Your academic will either work from your supplied list of sources, or you can request that they recommend everything from the primary texts to journals, websites or manuscripts. A full bibliography listing upwards of 20 to 100 sources will accompany your review, and can be written in the style (Harvard, MML or Oxford, for example) you or your tutor has requested, detailing the source title, author, publication information and page number.