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    The most pressing issue in this dissertation that endeavours to find some objective representation regarding these historical actors is: how is this possible? Postmodern thought has convincingly taught us that universal truth is nonexistent, and that what remains is pure construction (Greer, 2003). The author of this dissertation does not take issue with this idea (as claiming to prove a universal truth - or not - is far beyond the scope of this dissertation). However, using the sources and accounts that do exist, whether political or legal documents (such as those released by the military during their time in power and after, and Nunca Mas (1985) - Never Again - that has many of the testimonials of those that survived the process of "disappearance"), academic sources in the fields of politics, history and sociology, such as A Lexicon of Terror: Argentina and the Legacies of Torture (1999) novels, such as El Fin de la Historia (1991) - The End of History - and films, such as Cautiva (2003) - Captured - La Historia Official (1985) - The Official Story - The Disappeared (2007) and Los Escuadrones de la Muerte (2007) - The Death Squadron - will all be used in an effort to produce an objective vision of those that were victims and those that participated - willingly or not - in this historical episode.[…]

    Custom Literature Review Example 1

    Custom Literature Review Example 1

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