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Oxbridge EssaysยปPlagiarism


At Oxbridge Essays we are fully aware that plagiarism is a very serious matter for our customers and go to great lengths to protect against plagiarism.

The steps we take to prevent plagiarism

We do several things to ensure your work is 100% original.

  • Every essay is fully scanned using the latest plagiarism scanning software.
  • We only recruit top original-minded academics from Oxford University and Cambridge University.
  • Every academic we contract has a strict legal contract to produce original work.

We're as good as our word

At Oxbridge Essays we know that plagiarism is a very serious concern for our customers. For this reason, we go to great lengths to ensure your work is 100% plagiarism-free.

Our track record speaks for itself

Since 2005 we have written more than 60,000 completely original custom essays, and research shows that plagiarism in our essays is actually lower than both published academic material and several British newspapers!