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  • New look and feel

    The New Oxbridge Essays Website – Built With You in Mind

    31st October 2016

    Welcome to the new Oxbridge Essays website. Our academics have written 60,000 custom essays and dissertations since we opened our […]

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  • Occupation

    Is Cambridge Defend Education Defensible?

    18th January 2012

    Cambridge Defend Education has divided opinion with its tuition fees protests, its occupations and its interruption of a speech by Universities Minister David Willetts. With respected Cambridge professors stepping into the ring, we look at the arguments both for and against the controversial group.

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  • police-violence

    Police Violence at Tuition Fees Protests

    17th December 2010

    Following the outbreak of violence at the recent tuition fees protests, questions have been raised about the level and necessity of violence used by the Metropolitan Police force against students. Whilst heavy-handed resistance is understandable in the case of the very small number of protesters acting violently themselves, disturbing accounts have come to light describing the brutal treatement of innocent bystanders and peaceful student protesters as well.

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  • blank student loan application on desktop with books and laptop

    University Fees Rise to £9000

    05th November 2010

    The government has now unveiled its plans to raise tuition fees to a potential £9000, devastating students across the country, including many prospective applicants who may no longer be able to apply to university at all. We examine their decision and the impact it will have, on universities, students and the coalition government itself.

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  • students

    Are girls smarter than boys?

    29th September 2010

    With all the furore over the ever improving A level and GCSE results, the questions raised about the purpose and […]

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