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    University often ‘wasted on teenagers’, says UCAS chief

    14th May 2014

    Mary Curnock Cook, chief executive of the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS), says that university is sometimes “wasted on […]

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  • girl-studying_01

    University Complaints Increase

    17th June 2012

    A report reveals that complaints against universities in England and Wales increased by 20% in 2011. Will they continue to rise once £9000 tuition fees are introduced in 2012?

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  • St-Andrews-University

    Shocking Inequality Revealed at Scottish Universities

    13th June 2012

    Shocking figures released in a Freedom of Information request have shown that admissions at several prestigious Scottish universities are extremely biased towards wealthier students.

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  • cambridge-university

    UK Higher Education Only 10th Best Globally

    14th May 2012

    Yet another global ranking of higher education has seen UK universities plummet compared to their international competitors since severe government cuts to education. This one, by Universitas 21, warns that government funding is a vital aspect of international reputation.

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  • David-Willetts

    Still More Upheaval Ahead for UK Universities

    28th April 2012

    Before the dust has settled on the enormous upheaval to tuition fees and university policy, the government is already making moves to shake up higher education and university admissions in 2013. Many fear this is too much change, too soon.

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  • Philosopher and author Anthony Grayling at his London Home.

    £18,000 Private College has “Lowest State School Intake”

    22nd April 2012

    The controversial New College of the Humanities has hit the headlines once again, as academics claim its 22% state school intake represents the lowest number of state school pupils taken by any university. With £18,000 per year tuition fees, it’s not hard to see why the college is facing claims of academic elitism…

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  • Michael-Gove

    Should Universities Set A-Levels?

    08th April 2012

    Education Secretary Michael Gove has proposed allowing universities to set the content of A-level exams, but the scheme has met with a mixed response from many quarters…

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  • graduates

    Fairer UCAS Applications Scrapped

    28th March 2012

    UCAS has shelved plans to introduce post-results university applications, in spite of many students feeling it would be a much fairer and more transparent way to organise admissions.

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  • columbia_university-1024x607

    How to Ace an Ivy League Interview

    13th March 2012

    Prospective applicants might be surprised by just how greatly the Ivy League interview differs from the traditional, academic process favoured by UK institutions like Oxford and Cambridge. We give you our top tips on acing the interview across the pond!

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