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  • What is an Essay Development Plan (EDP)?

    17th February 2017
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    Model Essays Make Model Students

    15th March 2014

    Having a large team of writers who represent all of the major UK universities across a broad range of academic […]

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  • graduates

    Should you buy a university essay?

    01st December 2012

    Every now and again the UK media whips up a storm about the essay writing industry. For example, BBC Education […]

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  • Pencils

    Essay format top tips

    16th August 2010

    Writing a strong essay format is the most important fundamental essay writing skill to learn, as it allows you to structure and present your ideas in the best possible light, in any essay and at any level. This article explains how to achieve a clear, academic essay format and earn the top grades your ideas deserve! Writing yourself a clear essay outline before you begin to essay write is an essential part of a strong format.

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    How to write an extended essay

    30th July 2010

    Even the most experienced essay writers, who are well in command of structure and effective essay technique, can be uncertain and confused when asked to write an extended essay. This format, not frequently required and seldom discussed, is one of the least available in essay examples, and can be perplexing to those who have not attempted it before. Read on to banish your queries with our top tips to writing an extended essay.

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    Review essay: the literature review

    24th June 2010

    The literature review can be a key part of your dissertation structure. It is unlikely that you will have the time to read every word available on your topic, however in the literature review you should aim to demonstrate wide reading. The literature review will focus on authoritative works. You will not be discussing a popular, mass market text on the subject (unless that book has been written by an expert or led to an academic response). Evaluate each relevant book or article you discover to assess whether it is written for an academic audience or written by an academic.

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    Writing to persuade

    23rd June 2010

    Amongst the different essay writing styles you may be asked to adopt, both at GCSE and KS3 level and throughout your academic studies, one of the most important to master is writing to persuade. Unlike writing to advise or writing to argue, when writing essays to persuade you are trying to coerce and convince the reader without the hands-off gentleness of advice or the emphatic force of argument. This calls for several new assignment writing techniques.

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  • Essay writing toolkit – Reference books

    09th June 2010

    While you are writing essays it is useful to have some reference books to hand. Although there is a great deal of material online to help with general reference queries, websites are not always reliable. It pays to have some decent reference books. Some of these will be available to borrow from the local library or university library, so that you can try them out and see which titles you prefer. However, in time you will probably want to buy several of these. Below we deal with some of the general language texts that can help you with your writing and essay proofreading.

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    Essay writing tips: academic writing

    08th June 2010

    You need to strike a balance between academic writing and pompous writing. You want to sound erudite, but not arrogant. The best way to learn how to achieve this balance is to read as many academic articles or chapters as you can by established and respected academics.

    Equally, you don’t want to use long or complex words simply to show off or try to sound intelligent. The best plan is to stick to John H. Patterson’s advice: “Use small words, big ideas, and short sentences”.

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