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    How do you want to buy your essays?

    08th August 2014

    At Oxbridge Essays we’ve always taken a very traditional line when it comes to our customers. Rather like a bespoke tailor, we provide a high quality, ‘made-to-measure’ product, a... Read more

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    First Class Essays

    17th March 2012

    Recent reports show that more and more students are looking outside university for help with essay writing skills. Many turn to companies like Oxbridge essays to help them learn the techniques requ... Read more

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    Custom Essays: ‘To what extent?’

    05th May 2011

    This week’s custom essays blog looks at the popular exam essay question ‘To what extent…?’ We create the perfect custom essay format to suit all ‘To what extent’... Read more

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    Essay format top tips

    16th August 2010

    Writing a strong essay format is the most important fundamental essay writing skill to learn, as it allows you to structure and present your ideas in the best possible light, in any essay and at an... Read more

  • Dissertation Essay Writing Tips

    06th June 2009

    Your dissertation stands for your personal academic position, so it helps to believe what you write and write what you believe. Be well informed and secure in your position, then take confidence in... Read more

  • Top 10 Essay Referencing Tips

    05th June 2009

    Familiarise yourself with the most popular referencing systems, notably Oxford (footnotes) and Harvard (parenthetical). Plenty of internet sources provide helpful assistance in gaining a thorough u... Read more

  • Top 10 Nursing Essay Tips

    21st May 2009

    Awareness. Try to show your understanding of the important values, issues and debates in nursing today by letting these inform your approach to essay writing. This can be seen as a... Read more