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    10 Dissertation Tips: Research Resources

    23rd August 2010

    Carrying out research is one of the most important stages of writing your masters dissertation. Our article on research resources opens up a wealth of options for the dissertation researcher, with information and advice on a whole range of different resources available, and tips on how to use them for the best possible results.
    Be sure to use them for an outstanding, top-class masters dissertation.

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    Top 10 dissertation writing tips: how to write a literature review

    04th August 2010

    Writing your masters dissertation can be daunting, especially compiling a literature review if you have never had to complete one before. We provide a simple, clear guide to literature reviews, including what they are, what they should include and how to go about writing them, for hassle-free dissertation success.

    It is not just a list of different writers in the field and their opinions, but rather it should give a clear idea of the whole field as it currently stands, describing different bodies of literature providing varying standpoints on the important issues and indicating where general opinions have recently changed or are currently being challenged.

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    Dissertation writing and the dissertation supervisor

    12th May 2010

    When you are trying to work out how to write a dissertation and you are putting together a dissertation proposal, your college will assign you a supervisor. The relationship with the supervisor is really important: a good supervisor can be a valuable guide to steer your research in the right direction. What should you expect from the supervisor and how do you get one?

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  • Become a 1st Class Dissertation Writer

    08th June 2009

    All dissertations involve the investigation of original aims or ideas. For a 1st class grade, however, you must demonstrate considerable originality in various areas, including objectives, critical thinking and findings. Think ahead when formulating your research questions in order to avoid being limited to spent areas of research.

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  • Tips to Write a structured 2.1 Dissertation, Dissertation Express

    08th June 2009

    Standard undergraduate essays usually do not require substantial originality, but your dissertation represents your own academic position. The main bulk of the piece will be based on an exposition of your own ideas, generated from an investigation of original stated objectives.

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  • Top 10 Dissertation Writing Tips

    22nd May 2009

    Specifications. Understand your departmental specifications for writing a dissertation to ensure that you fully understand what is expected of you. […]

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