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  • What is an Essay Development Plan (EDP)?

    17th February 2017
    ... Read more
  • Essay Writing Tips

    28th October 2016

    Genuinely useful essay writing advice can be hard to come by. Our academic experts have written the following tips for you to utilise before and whilst crafting your essay to ensure your writing h... Read more

  • essay_writing1

    Custom Essays: ‘For and Against’

    20th May 2011

    In the latest of our ‘custom essays’ blog series, we bring you a custom essay format for those common ‘For and Against’ style essay questions. With tips on all you need to i... Read more

  • exam

    Custom Essays: ‘How does the Writer…?’

    13th May 2011

    Our third custom essay blog looks at the ideal essay format for answering ‘How does the writer…?’ style exam questions. We look at what information should be included and how it s... Read more

  • Pencils

    Essay format top tips

    16th August 2010

    Writing a strong essay format is the most important fundamental essay writing skill to learn, as it allows you to structure and present your ideas in the best possible light, in any essay and at an... Read more

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    How to write an extended essay

    30th July 2010

    Even the most experienced essay writers, who are well in command of structure and effective essay technique, can be uncertain and confused when asked to write an extended essay. This format, not fr... Read more

  • quillpen

    Writing to explain

    25th June 2010

    Writing to explain may seem a simpler task to tackle than some of the other writing styles you may be asked to adopt, such as Read more

  • 800px-DoPracowania

    Essay guide: types of essay

    17th June 2010

    Essays can be divided into different types and each type requires a particular skill in approach. Some styles of descriptive essay writing (such as narrative) are less useful in an academic enviro... Read more

  • punctuation

    Punctuation rules: using commas, apostrophes and quotation marks correctly

    15th May 2010

    As an editor, I see the same simple punctuation mistakes time and again costing students valuable marks when the overall quality of their work deserves a much higher grade. Whether it is everyday <... Read more