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    Are Students Becoming Too Reliant on Technology?

    05th June 2012

    Mobile phones, laptops, the internet…the list of resources modern technology has made available to students is long and impressive. But are they becoming too reliant on technology at the expe... Read more

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    Should PE be ‘Fun’ for Girls?

    05th May 2012

    A new survey reveals that the number of girls doing enough physical exercise is disturbingly low – and shows that many female pupils have pinpointed school PE lessons as the reason why.

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    London University to Cut Down on Alcohol and Sex

    14th April 2012

    A London university has announced plans to consider introducing alcohol-free zones on campus amid concerns that more cultural sensitivity is needed to cater to Muslim students.

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    Would YOU Choose a Uni for its Hotel?

    05th April 2012

    A new survey claims universities across the country are signing up to a series of wacky new investments like hotels in a desperate effort to boost student numbers. But would you pick a uni for its ... Read more

  • Funny Student Pranks from Around the World

    13th March 2012

    If you are starting university this September in the UK, you need embrace the fantastic opportunity and live each day to its fullest because you will always remember your student years as the best ... Read more

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    UK Students Turn to Prostitution

    16th December 2011

    Disturbing new claims suggest that increasing numbers of students are turning to prostitution and lap dancing to fund their education, as university tuition fees soar to £9000.

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    How To Get Into Oxbridge: Colleges

    02nd September 2011

    Applying to Oxbridge can seem like a daunting mountain to climb, but our ‘How to Get into Oxbridge’ blog series is here to help. This week, we take you through the steps of choosing the... Read more

  • rooftops1

    Are Degrees worth the Debt?

    24th May 2011

    A recent survey showed that half of current final-year university students would not start their degree again if fees were trebled. With tuition fees set to rocket to £9000, causing huge graduate ... Read more

  • Umar-Farouk-Abdulmutallab

    Are UK Students at Risk of Radicalisation?

    18th March 2011

    Following several recent terrorist incidents involving recently graduated students of UK Universities, the government has stepped up its Prevent programme for anti-radicalisation. A review will cal... Read more