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    University often ‘wasted on teenagers’, says UCAS chief

    14th May 2014

    Mary Curnock Cook, chief executive of the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS), says that university is sometimes “wasted on the young” because many school leavers end up... Read more

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    Tuition Fees Feedback Negative

    22nd May 2012

    A stark report from the Higher Education Policy Institute has shown that since tuition fees trebled to over £3000 in 2006, students have not benefitted from increased contact hours or decreased cl... Read more

  • 2134-should-the-government-replace-tuition-fees-with-a-graduate-tax

    Tuition Fees Early Repayment Fines Abandoned

    17th February 2012

    The government has announced plans to abandon the early loan repayment penalties which had initially formed part of its new tuition fees scheme. We reveal the political horse-trading behind the dec... Read more

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    University Applications Statistics Revealed

    02nd February 2012

    Figures released by UCAS show the full extent of the impact of raised tuition fees on this year’s crop of university applications. We take a closer look at the numbers.

    ... Read more
  • Will-Hutton

    University Tuition Fees Commission Created

    30th January 2012

    A new tuition fees commission has been set up to investigate the effects of the new higher education funding scheme, paying particular attention to the impact on students from poorer backgrounds. W... Read more

  • Occupation

    Is Cambridge Defend Education Defensible?

    18th January 2012

    Cambridge Defend Education has divided opinion with its tuition fees protests, its occupations and its interruption of a speech by Universities Minister David Willetts. With respected Cambridge pro... Read more

  • University Applications Remain Sluggish

    07th January 2012

    As the deadline for UCAS university applications approaches, tuition fees have deterred more than 20,000 UK students from applying this year. Some groups are far more severely affected than others,... Read more

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    Will Tuition Fees Drive UK Students Abroad?

    19th December 2011

    Will soaring tuition fees drive the best and brightest UK pupils abroad for university? Top academis fear that UK universities might lose not only their best pupils but also their most talented res... Read more

  • Alan-Bennett

    Alan Bennett Denounces Tuition Fees

    13th December 2011

    Great British playwright Alan Bennett has lamented the certain impact raised tuition fees will have on talented students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Bennett denounced the coalition government&#... Read more