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  • graduates

    Fairer UCAS Applications Scrapped

    28th March 2012

    UCAS has shelved plans to introduce post-results university applications, in spite of many students feeling it would be a much fairer and more transparent way to organise admissions.

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  • Harvard-University

    UK Students Turn to Ivy League

    02nd March 2012

    We take a look at the rising trend for UK students to choose Ivy League universities over elite UK institutions. Are soaring tuition fees to blame? And what attractions do US universities hold for UK students?

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  • 280px-KingsCollegeChapelWest

    UK University Rankings 2012

    03rd January 2012

    We bring you the most important information from the major UK university league tables for 2012 in one simple, concise article!

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  • ema

    University Applications at “Crisis Point”

    01st December 2011

    As the university applications period progresses, the number of students applying for higher education courses continues to fall dramatically compared to this time last year. The government continues to make excuses, but the opposition has stepped forward with a bold new promise for higher education.

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  • heart4a

    Real Oxbridge Interview Questions Answered: Medicine

    18th November 2011

    This week’s Real Oxbridge Interview Questions Answered blog takes on one of the most feared interviews of all: medicine. Discover what an Oxbridge medicine admissions tutor is really looking for and how to deliver it through the interview, with a genuine Oxford University interview question as an example.

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  • folsomdam

    Real Oxbridge Interview Questions Answered: Engineering

    04th November 2011

    Ever wanted to know how to approach a question in an Oxbridge interview? Nervous about the ‘scary’ Oxbridge interview process? Wish you could see some examples of actual past Oxbridge interview questions? You’ve come to the right place! This week: Engineering.

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  • 2134-should-the-government-replace-tuition-fees-with-a-graduate-tax

    UCAS ‘Favours Rich Kids’

    01st November 2011

    UCAS, the university applications body, has published the results of a report into the whole university applications process, which suggests that the current system may allow unfair advantages to pupils from private schools and privileged backgrounds. It has recommended a comprehensive overhaul of the system, including a move for university places to be allocated after A-level grades have been awarded.

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  • Law-300x270

    Real Oxbridge Interview Questions Answered: Law

    28th October 2011

    Law can be one of the most intimidating subjects to prepare for at interview, as many candidates worry about not knowing enough technical detail. This genuine Oxford Interview question shows that technique is actually much more important than prior knowledge.

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  • Save-EMA-protests

    University Applications Plummet as Tuition Fees Rise

    25th October 2011

    Early figures show a dramatic drop in applications to university from UK students. We look at the details behind the statistics, and consider who has been most severely deterred from applying to higher education as a result of the new tuition fees system.

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