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  • girl-studying_01

    University Complaints Increase

    17th June 2012

    A report reveals that complaints against universities in England and Wales increased by 20% in 2011. Will they continue to rise once £9000 tuition fees are introduced in 2012?

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  • 2134-should-the-government-replace-tuition-fees-with-a-graduate-tax

    Tuition Fees Feedback Negative

    22nd May 2012

    A stark report from the Higher Education Policy Institute has shown that since tuition fees trebled to over £3000 in 2006, students have not benefitted from increased contact hours or decreased cl... Read more

  • cambridge-university

    UK Higher Education Only 10th Best Globally

    14th May 2012

    Yet another global ranking of higher education has seen UK universities plummet compared to their international competitors since severe government cuts to education. This one, by Universitas 21, w... Read more

  • David-Willetts

    Still More Upheaval Ahead for UK Universities

    28th April 2012

    Before the dust has settled on the enormous upheaval to tuition fees and university policy, the government is already making moves to shake up higher education and university admissions in 2013. Ma... Read more

  • Roller-Disco-University

    Would YOU Choose a Uni for its Hotel?

    05th April 2012

    A new survey claims universities across the country are signing up to a series of wacky new investments like hotels in a desperate effort to boost student numbers. But would you pick a uni for its ... Read more

  • Corpus-Christi-College-Cambridge

    UK University Reputations Slipping

    24th March 2012

    The Times Higher Education university rankings show that UK universities are slipping down the table as their reputation suffers from cuts and tuition fees chaos.

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  • Exeter-University

    Nearly 1/3 of Undergraduate Courses in England Axed

    24th February 2012

    A shocking report published this week reveals the huge number of UK university courses that have been cut in recent years. As tuition fees soar, the breadth of degree options provided by UK univers... Read more

  • 2134-should-the-government-replace-tuition-fees-with-a-graduate-tax

    Tuition Fees Early Repayment Fines Abandoned

    17th February 2012

    The government has announced plans to abandon the early loan repayment penalties which had initially formed part of its new tuition fees scheme. We reveal the political horse-trading behind the dec... Read more

  • university-1024x771

    University Applications Statistics Revealed

    02nd February 2012

    Figures released by UCAS show the full extent of the impact of raised tuition fees on this year’s crop of university applications. We take a closer look at the numbers.

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