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  • What is an Essay Development Plan (EDP)?
    17th February 2017
  • graduates
    Should you buy a university essay?
    01st December 2012

    Every now and again the UK media whips up a storm about the essay writing industry. For example, BBC Education Correspondent Reeta Chakrabati’s recent piece for BBC News. A few months earlier...

  • pencils1
    Essay writing tips: a strong argument
    12th July 2010

    Almost every essay example, on any subject, from weekly assignment writing to writing an undergraduate or masters

  • Editing-and-proofreading
    Why write essays? – 5 tips!
    02nd July 2010

    At university, essay writing can often feel like a chore.  If you dread this type of assignment, you may wonder why your tutors bother to set essays.  Surely they could think of a more enjoyable ...

  • pencils
    Essay writing Guide – Marking guidelines
    30th June 2010

    When you are essay editing and proofreading, prior to submitting your work, you may wonder what the markers are looking for. Sometimes they give so little feedback on a marked ess...

  • quillpen
    Writing to explain
    25th June 2010

    Writing to explain may seem a simpler task to tackle than some of the other writing styles you may be asked to adopt, such as

  • sea
    Writing to describe
    24th June 2010

    Writing to describe is a very important skill for both English literature and English language students, and may be extremely useful in all kinds of academic essay writing, from wr...

  • london_guide_national_gallery
    Art essay writing guide: top tips!
    23rd June 2010

    Although the general information given on how to write an essay goes a long way to helping the Art History student, there are some parts of essay writing technique which are particular to the Art H...

  • 800px-DoPracowania
    Essay guide: types of essay
    17th June 2010

    Essays can be divided into different types and each type requires a particular skill in approach. Some styles of descriptive essay writing (such as narrative) are less useful in an academic enviro...