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  • How Often Should You Reference?

    13th August 2015
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    Top 10 Tips for Writing a Dissertation Methodology

    23rd July 2013

    The methodology typically follows your literature review, so for the purposes of clarity and regaining focus it is useful briefly to recap the central research questions of your dissertation. Defin... Read more

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    How to write an extended essay

    30th July 2010

    Even the most experienced essay writers, who are well in command of structure and effective essay technique, can be uncertain and confused when asked to write an extended essay. This format, not fr... Read more

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    Essay writing style

    09th July 2010

    Whether you are just starting to essay write, or working on writing a dissertation or a masters dissertatio... Read more

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    Essay writing tips: Argument

    07th July 2010

    An argument is a statement that you make to persuade your readers to agree with your opinion. In an essay you will back up each argument, or point within an argument, by supportin... Read more

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    Essay writing styles: Assignments

    06th July 2010

    There are plenty of different essay writing styles depending on your subject and your college. Assignment questions can be rather different from essay questions. This can be an op... Read more

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    Why write essays? – 5 tips!

    02nd July 2010

    At university, essay writing can often feel like a chore.  If you dread this type of assignment, you may wonder why your tutors bother to set essays.  Surely they could think of a more enjoyable ... Read more

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    Essay writing guide to Word

    01st July 2010

    Before university, you may have been able to submit handwritten essays. Once you start your university course your essay has to be typed on A4 paper. If you haven’t started to ... Read more

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    Essay writing Guide – Marking guidelines

    30th June 2010

    When you are essay editing and proofreading, prior to submitting your work, you may wonder what the markers are looking for. Sometimes they give so little feedback on a marked ess... Read more