Elevate your work to perfection with collaborative academic editing

Our academic editing service puts you in direct contact with an expert editor so you can work together to realise the full potential of your essay or dissertation.

Our talented academic editors have studied at some of the most prestigious universities in the world

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Better together: work directly with your editor to achieve higher grades

This service goes a step further than standard editing or proofreading, allowing you to learn from and work in collaboration with an academic editor who is an expert in your subject or field of study.

Expert guidance

Your essay or dissertation will be reviewed, edited and improved by a world-class academic – someone with many years' experience in your subject area. Reflecting on your university supervisor's feedback, you and your editor will collaborate via conference call to elevate your work beyond the level of standard editing. You'll exchange ideas, ask questions and push the scope of your work to realise its full potential.

Learn from the best

Thanks to the comprehensive and collaborative nature of this service, you’ll learn new information while improving your academic skills. Not only will you satisfy your supervisor when you hand in your academic-edited project, but you'll also be able to incorporate your editor's advice into all future assignments. Invest now and you'll reap the rewards for the duration of your studies!

Trusted by international students

Our academic editing service is used by students from every university and at every level of study, from undergraduate through to PhD. It's also particularly useful for those who lack clarity in their writing and international students who do not consider English to be their first language.

How it works

Three steps to get you the grades you need:

Place an order, telling us your project details


Collaborate with your selected expert editor


Improve your work to achieve higher grades


How much does our academic editing service cost?

How much you'll pay will vary depending on the exact requirements of your project – for example, the word count and how quickly you would like to get going. For an exact price, click the button below.

From £100 per thousand words

Frequently Asked Questions

What is academic editing and how will it benefit me?

Academic editing is our most comprehensive editing service and specifically works to improve the content of your document. Most often this is done by addressing your supervisor's feedback, but for shorter documents like essays or where you do not have feedback, your editor will improve your work based on their knowledge and expertise. In all cases you will be left with a piece of work that is structurally, stylistically and academically flawless.

My subject is very specialised. Are you sure you can help?

In the last 10 years, we’ve developed a network of experienced writers and editors in a range of professions, across the world. We'll work hard to match you with an academic who understands your topic, regardless of the subject or field you’re working in. If you want to discuss your requirements before placing an order, you can speak with our team.

Is getting my work edited considered cheating?

No. Whilst there are some that work in academia who believe all proofreading and editing should be done solely by the author of a document (i.e. the student), it is perfectly acceptable – and widely recommended – to get your work reviewed before you submit it to your tutor. Just as an academic would pay to have their journal professionally edited before publication, you too can pay for professional-level editing and you will not be cheating.

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