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Academic 2367: Classics


Studied at: Cambridge & UCL

Level: Master's

Favourite Author: Virgil Aeneid

Favourite Book: Republic, book nine

After graduating with a First Class Degree in Classics, I decided I wanted to travel the world, but I was reluctant to abandon academia. So after finishing my MA in Philosophy at University College London, I began writing for Oxbridge Essays, where I have been afforded the satisfaction of guiding thousands of students to success, writing around 20,000 words a month, and the opportunity to apply exciting theories and concepts in a bespoke and innovative manner. All while exploring the world.

Academic 1498: Law


Studied at: Oxford

Level: PhD

Favourite Author: James Ellroy

Favourite Book: L.A. Confidential

I have been employed as a lecturer for the last 15 years, and over this time it has become more and more apparent to me that the support that students need to achieve is frequently absent. In my work for Oxbridge Essays I am able to offer academic support to students beyond my own lecture theatre, nurture their interest for a subject I am passionate about, and pass on my knowledge and experiences to the next generation of lawyers.

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Oxbridge is one of the best writing services I've dealt with. Great service and professional writing, I would definitely recommend this essay writing service not just to a friend, but to everybody that wants to succeed!

MSc Psychology student

My contact Kishen was very attentive, very professional, not only interested in completing a sale but he offered me options and delivered good quality work on time.

MA International Relations student

I was impressed with the consultation process from submission to production. Before I submitted the idea I was given guidance, then after submitting I was asked further questions to clarify and check my requirements. This finally led to the piece being spot on and of a quality I had hoped for but didn't actually expect.

MBA student

The staff were too friendly and ready to help all customer in their orders. They are so accurate as you can receive your documents on the date you have mentioned.

MA Business student