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Choose from our range of upgrades for a longer alteration window, revision tips, direct contact with your academic and more.

Extended alterations

Most of our products come with a standard 10-day window for alterations, but this upgrade allows you to stretch out the time we allow you to request changes. This is a popular upgrade for dissertations and longer projects, where you may want your academic to be focused on your project for a longer time, and where you may need more time yourself to read the work and request changes.

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Essay development plan

One of the best ways to improve your own writing skills is to understand the steps writers go through when writing an essay. With this upgrade, your academic will prepare an outline that shows how they produced your model essay. The outline will clearly set out ways for you to further develop the work and broaden the research, setting you up perfectly to move forward with your own work.

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Revision guide

This upgrade is one of the most effective study tools we’ve seen. When you order a revision guide with any piece of work, your academic will prepare sheets summarising the topics and arguments covered within the work. You can then use these for targeted revision before exams and tutorials.

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Direct contact with academic

This upgrade takes your project from a model piece of work to a true collaboration. When you upgrade your order to include direct contact with your academic, we’ll put you both in touch, either through phone, email or our online platform, so you can share ideas, ask questions, and offer feedback on the work as it evolves. In terms of results and value for money, this is our most in-demand upgrade.

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