Hone your project requirements by speaking directly with your academic.

Upgrade your order to include a consultation call and brief your academic before they start work on your project. Or, if we've already delivered your order, you and your academic can collaborate to elevate the work even further.

Order a consultation call and you'll have direct access to some of the most talented academics in the world

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Get in sync with your chosen professional and get your project off to the best possible start

If your subject is specialised, your academic assignment is particularly complex, or you'd just like the reassurance that comes with speaking with a professional, a consultation call allows you to discuss your requirements in detail and help your work reach its full potential.

Collaborate for better results

Collaborations work best when both parties are on the same page. No matter whether your academic is yet to start work or has already delivered it, a consultation call is a really useful tool. It gives you the chance to discuss your preferences for the assignment, ask any burning questions, and make sure that your academic knows any sections or ideas they must pay particular attention to.

Establish exactly what’s needed

Want to discuss everything with your academic before they begin working on your assignment? During your call, you can both decide upon a clear direction for the piece and finalise ideas before your academic puts pen to paper. All elements of the work can be agreed, from the required word count to the most suitable referencing format.

Tailored to your unique needs

A consultation call doesn't have to be focused just on a specific assignment. Maybe you’re preparing a viva, finalising a premise for your dissertation, or simply trying to navigate confusing feedback from your tutor. Whatever you choose to discuss, you will gain plenty of useful guidance from someone with years of experience and a wealth of expert knowledge.

How it works

Based on your requirements, we’ll match you with an academic who has an in-depth understanding of your subject area. You can speak over the phone, at a time that’s convenient for you, to go over your project in as much detail as you need.

Tell us your project requirements


Speak with your academic


Get better grades


Invest in better grades today

Upgrading your order to include a consultation call with your academic increases your chances of higher grades, making it a great investment.

From just £50 for a 30-minute call

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a consultation call?

If you know you’ll want to talk to your academic before they start work on your project, or once they have delivered, simply add the upgrade when placing your order via our online order form. If you want to speak with an academic about something unrelated to an order, contact us and let us know you’d like to book a consultation call.

How much do consultation calls cost?

There is a standard charge of £50 for the initial consultation call. This fee applies whether you take the call before the academic starts work on your project or once they have delivered your order. If you want to speak with your academic both before and after, you can add a follow-up call to your order for a combined fee of £115.

How long will the call last?

Our consultation calls typically last around 30 minutes. This is usually enough time to discuss your goals for the project, for your academic to feed back to you if they’ve already worked on your assignment, and for you to ask any questions you might have.

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