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Eliminate errors and give your essay or dissertation a professional edge by investing in our trusted proofreading service.

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Get flawless results from experienced proofreaders

Our proofreading service is suitable for anyone who is nearly ready to submit their essay or dissertation, but wants the reassurance that comes from having an expert second opinion.

Work with genuine academics

Our proofreaders are all educated to PhD level and have years of experience in their respective fields. They’ll work all their knowledge and skills into your assignment to create a piece of work that’s structurally sound and free from spelling and punctuation mistakes.

Always available

We’re not a faceless agency - we’re a small, friendly team and we're on hand to discuss your requirements and answer your questions. Rest assured we’re always at the other end of the phone.

Fast turnaround times

Need your essay or dissertation proofread ASAP? Not a problem. Our academics are ready and waiting to take on your project. We understand that deadlines can be tight, so in many cases, we can turn around your documents in as little as 6 hours.

How it works

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How much does our proofreading service cost?

How much you'll pay will vary depending on the requirements of your project – for example, the word count, the type of treatment you would like us to apply, and how quickly you need it done. For an exact price, click below.

From just £18 per thousand words

Frequently Asked Questions

What is proofreading and how will your proofreading service benefit me?

Ask one of our academics to proofread your work, and you’ll receive a refined version of your essay or dissertation that’s free from careless mistakes. This treatment includes reviewing the document for spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors, and ensuring that there’s complete consistency with regards to your layout, font and numbering styles.

What proofreading services do you offer?

Our basic proofreading service is designed to remove all errors from your work and leave you with an essay or dissertation that’s free from spelling and grammatical mistakes. However, if you feel your essay or dissertation needs more attention – such as improvements to its structure, argument and flow – you can opt for our copy editing service instead.

How long will it take to proofread my essay?

Every proofreading job is different, so we like to let our customers dictate their own deadlines. As a rough guide, however, our proofreaders can normally address 5,000 words per day (if you opt for our basic service). Editing your essay or dissertation will take slightly longer.

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