Additional, bespoke services for your broader academic needs

Beyond model essays and dissertations, PhD support and coursework for all levels, we also offer something a little more customised – help with personal statements and personalised consultation calls.

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We help students take their academic careers to the next level

Elevate your academic journey with personal statements and consultation calls, as part of our full-service academic support approach.

Consultation Calls

We developed our additional support services in response to requests from students who needed essay writing support, but not with traditional academic assignments. We offer a consultation call service so you can speak directly with a professional academic who specialises in your subject area

Personal Statements

Our sister company, Oxbridge Personal Statements, is perfectly positioned to help you with any personal statements, either for academic or professional purposes. Our academics can also edit and proofread any document, making it stronger, easier to read and more compelling. As with all our services, you can count on us for original, fully customised, 100% plagiarism-free work.

How It Works

No matter the level and complexity of your project, we are more than ready to help you by offering you additional services.

Schedule a consultation call or request assistance with your personal statement at our sister company


We'll match you to the ideal academic for your project and the service you need


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How much do our additional services cost?

Our prices vary depending on the type of service needed. For an exact price get in touch with us

From £50

Frequently Asked Questions

My subject is very specialised. Can you help?

We are very confident that we can. One of the benefits of having been in business for more than 15 years is the depth and breadth of your network. We are proud to be part of a huge network of the best specialist academics. Our experts have helped students with some enormously complex and unique projects, and we believe they can help you too.

How do I order a consultation call?

If you know you’ll want to talk to your academic before they start work on your project, or once they have delivered, simply add the upgrade when placing your order via our online order form. If you want to speak with an academic about something unrelated to an order, contact us and let us know you’d like to book a consultation call.

How much do consultation calls cost?

There is a standard charge of £50 for the initial consultation call. This fee applies whether you take the call before the academic starts work on your project or once they have delivered your order. If you want to speak with your academic both before and after, you can add a follow-up call to your order for a combined fee of £115.

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