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We offer a service, not a ready-made product

At Oxbridge Essays, we match you with world-class academics who will write customised model essays and dissertations for you, to your own specifications. Through this, our service aims to illustrate what excellent work looks like, and provide a model from which you can draw inspiration later when writing your own original work. In short, our academics offer a hyper-personalised study guide to help you improve your writing and grades, and not a ready-made product that you can submit as your own work.

Why not hand their work in as your own?

Submitting our academic's work as your own is not advisable, nor is changing a few words or even keeping large sections. If discovered, your university will view this as academic misconduct and will likely have outlined the disciplinary consequence of passing off someone else's work as your own writing.

Regardless of the morality, passing off other's work as your own also defeats the purpose of your education. If you do not engage with your course, and turn in someone else's work rather than researching and writing your own, then you're not learning and not gaining the skills needed to succeed after university. It would become evident to any future employer very quickly, that you do not possess the knowledge and skills that the degree you have been awarded says that you do.

Use our service as one of many tools

These days, it takes a lot of hard work to excel at university. Classroom learning, independent study, tutorials, revision, and a service like ours can all be important parts of your formula for success. Smart students use our work as a learning tool to advance their own work and to save time, or take our academics' work as a starting point for their own inspiration.

If you don't understand what's required from you when you're working on a university assignment, essay or dissertation, trusting our academics makes perfect sense: you can see where you need to go, and hopefully, you have a better idea of how to get there.