PhD thesis writing service: fully-customised and offered on a chapter-by-chapter basis

Take the uncertainty out of writing a PhD thesis with our writing service, led by senior academics who can collaborate with you on any chapter of your PhD thesis.

Collaborate with academics from top universities

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Help where and when you need it most

Our PhD thesis writing service is designed to help you push through the tough parts of writing a PhD thesis by providing a single or multiple model chapters from which you can base your own research and writing.

Focused support

Get help with one or more of your PhD thesis chapters, including (but not limited to) your introduction; aims / objectives / hypothesis; questionnaire design; literature review; methodology; analysis; recommendations; conclusion; statistical analysis including SPSS; bibliography and appendices.

Extensive expertise

Writing a PhD thesis is demanding. Composed of multiple complex chapters that each require different skills, knowledge and content, knowing how to write a thesis successfully can be a challenge for PhD students. But with our help, you can feel confident in writing and submitting your thesis, no matter it's length, subject or complexity.

Wholly bespoke

We contract the services and skills of only the most experienced academics, who can pass their expertise on to you, helping you to improve the quality of your thesis and secure your PhD qualification. No two PhD theses are the same, and so the support service we provide is entirely customised to you.

How It Works

We carefully match you with a senior academic with expertise in your field


You can collaborate by phone call before your academic gets to work


Your model thesis chapter(s) will be delivered by the date you choose


Find a price that works for you

Prices for model PhD chapters vary according to the word count and delivery requirements. The calculator below shows you prices for 10-day delivery.

From £250 per thousand words

Frequently Asked Questions

How will a model PhD chapter help me?

Writing a PhD thesis takes a lot of time and energy, and it can be frustrating when part of the research and writing process doesn't flow as smoothly as it should. By using our thesis writing help when issues first arise, you'll not only make the immediate writing process easier, but also set yourself up for a smoother journey going forward.

Can I choose an academic to work with?

We've spent over 13 years matching students of every study level and subject with suitable academics – it's what we do. We're confident we'll be able to pair you with an academic that will be ideally placed to help you, but if you have any specific requirements, you're welcome to contact us and we'll help however we can.

The topic of my PhD thesis is very specialised – can you help?

With a pool of over 900 expert academics, we guarantee we have the right academic that will be ideally suited to write one or more model chapters of your PhD thesis, no matter how specialised it is. You can always contact our team to discuss your requirements first, if you have any questions.

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