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Thesis statement support for PhD students who need to know how to write a thesis

Our senior academics can collaborate with you on your PhD title, or thesis statement, setting you up for a successful PhD application.

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Take advantage of specialised, collaborative support for PhD students designed to help you excel with the best possible thesis statement.

  • This premium service has been created for PhD students who want guidance on how to write a thesis
  • Because every PhD is unique, our thesis statement support is completely customised and based on collaboration between you and your academic
  • All PhD thesis statement writing support is provided by our most senior academics, who have trained at and taught for some of the UK's most prestigious universities
  • Our PhD title creation service typically includes background reading and research, then collaborating with you on an outline that includes the key areas UK universities look for: introduction, research question, chapter outlines, literature review, methodology, analysis, recommendations, and conclusion
  • Our thesis statement service offers you fully-customised academic support from someone who has plenty of experience writing, reviewing and assessing PhD dissertations in your subject area
  • All Oxbridge Essays work is guaranteed original and 100% plagiarism-free
  • Dedicated London-based academic consultants available in person or by phone or email to support you

PhD title creation

Your thesis statement is the first and most critical step of your PhD thesis. Our academic mentors know how much time and energy goes into a PhD thesis, and how important the first step is. With a compelling, well-researched thesis statement, the rest of your research and writing process should flow a lot more smoothly. By collaborating with our experts on this vital first step, you can save yourself a lot of trouble down the road. You can also get that much closer to the thing you really want - getting on to your preferred PhD course.

Don't fall short on the most important part of your PhD. Many PhD students overlook the importance of their thesis statement and fail to perform as they should on their thesis. This lowers their overall chance of getting on to their preferred PhD course and can affect future opportunities. Our academics will show you how to write a thesis long before you actually begin writing, so you can be sure that you forward-plan your research and writing. Getting your PhD title right makes everything that follows so much easier.

  • We work with the finest academics, offer an unrivalled quality of service and have the collective knowledge to help ensure you secure your doctorate
  • Our standard delivery window is 10 days, but we can deliver in as little as 24 hours
  • All Oxbridge Essays work is guaranteed 100% original and unplagiarised
  • You're welcome to drop by our Central London office for a chat anytime.
Here's how it works

At Oxbridge Essays, we contract the services and skills of some of the country's most experienced academics, who can pass their expertise on to you and help you to improve the quality of your thesis title and achieve your desired grade. We are not an essay factory, and our support services for PhD students are truly unique. When you order a thesis statement from us, you are ordering a piece of academic work that you will be the first and only student in the world to receive.

Once your document passes our quality control checks, we will upload it in Word format to your account, where you can download it. Any changes? You have 30 days to request them for free. If you think you'll need more time, you can extend your alterations window to 50 days or even longer.

Our guarantees

All of our academics are native English speakers, and all Oxbridge Essays work is guaranteed 100% plagiarism-free.

As part of our premier PhD service our team here will set up a consultation call for you so you can speak to your PhD level academic directly.

Your order will be delivered by 6pm on your delivery date.

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Prices for our PhD thesis statement support vary according to the standard requested and delivery requirements. The calculator below shows you prices for 10-day delivery.

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  • Oxbridge-educated academics

    The majority of our writers have studied or taught at the UK's two best universities, Oxford and Cambridge.

  • Dedicated academic consultants

    Our PhD title creation service is designed to help you today and throughout your degree. Talk to our academic consultants about how we can help you with customised academic support.

  • London-based team

    No overseas call centres for us. Count on our local team for support in person, by phone and email.

How our PhD title creation service can help you

We're here to help

The amount of work and submissions required to complete your degree can often feel overwhelming, and there is no shame in coming to us for some extra help. If you have questions about our PhD thesis statement creation service, or just how to write a thesis in general, London-based students are welcome to drop by our Central London office for a chat. All other students can contact us by phone or email anytime.

Your thesis statement – the first and most critical step of your PhD thesis

Sometimes, getting going on writing a document as large as a PhD thesis can be tough. Just putting pen to paper and fleshing out a great thesis statement can be harder than writing the rest of the chapters that follow. If you're considering using us to collaborate on writing a title for your PhD thesis, you can rest assured that we'll help you get off to the best possible start.

Learning how to write a thesis statement can be the first step in a longer partnership

When you ask us for help with your thesis statement, we will work together to lay the foundations of your future success. We'll provide you with a model thesis statement you can use to help your writing naturally flow into a stronger, more compelling thesis. If you choose to continue collaborating with us beyond your thesis statement and into the chapter-writing process, we will be happy to work with you.

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