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Model Exam Answers

Getting good essays written isn't always enough to guarantee a top grade. If you're assessed by exams, you need to give an equally convincing account of yourself in those exams.

That's where Oxbridge Essays' model exam answer service can help. Exam questions often come up in rotation, so if you provide us with the questions that have been asked in previous years' exams, we'll provide you with first class answers to those questions.

Our model answers service can help you if:

  • You have access to past papers from previous years' exams.
  • Your lecturer, tutor or supervisor has given you hints about what questions might come up.
  • It's an open book exam.
  • It's a 24-hour exam.

Making the most of our model answers

To ensure that you have good quality answers for any of the possible questions that could come up in your exam, you should build up a range of model answers that covers a good proportion of the questions from previous papers.

Our model answers are provided to show what makes a good answer to a particular question, in the way that it is phrased in a particular exam. You should be aware that the same topic with a similar question in another exam could be asking for something subtly different.

Don't assume that what makes a model answer for the one will achieve a top grade for the other. If you need help with highlighting these issues so that you can be better prepared, we can provide model answers for all variations of questions, highlighting the difference of approach that each requires.

Bulk orders

If you need to order a number of model answers to provide you with adequate coverage of what might come up, we'll be only too happy to offer you a discount on the cost. Please call our office to discuss.

Getting your model answers to you

We understand that you need your model answers as quickly as possible. Our standard delivery options range from 7 days to next-day delivery.

If your situation is even more urgent we also offer a same-day turnaround by special arrangement. Phone one of our team for more details.

Model Essays

Oxbridge Essays also provides a Model Essay writing service. Get the best help with writing your university essays from the leading supplier of UK essays.