Bespoke law services: fully customised support for law students

Many law students need help with assignments that don't fit within our normal list of products. For these students, we offer a completely bespoke, flexible level of support.

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Totally confidential and fully customised services

A wide variety of law services designed with your privacy in mind. From essays, coursework or model essay writing to skeleton arguments and opinion writing, our services are provided with absolute discretion.

Legal essays and research assignments

Our specialist legal academics can write custom model essays and coursework to your exact specifications. They can also take on larger assignments, like dissertation titles, dissertation proposals and even entire legal dissertations. Our academics can also help with any legal research assignment. Their work is detailed, nuanced and sophisticated, and they are able to work with any brief you provide.

Skeleton arguments

A skeleton argument should be thoroughly researched, prepared and presented clearly and coherently, whether it is for a moot competition or a vocational course assessment. Our legal academics have years of experience drafting and grading skeleton arguments, and they can provide model skeleton arguments and guidance you can use to make your own work stand out.

Opinion writing

Opinion writing is a practical skill that forms an integral component in a practicing barrister's vocational training. More than anything else, the goal of opinion writing is to communicate a legal opinion to a broad audience including laypeople. We can help you learn the knack of communicating complex legalities in simple, understandable English.

How It Works

No matter the level and complexity of your assignment, ordering a bespoke law service and getting it delivered when you need is simple.

Contact us and tell us what you need


We'll match you with a legal academic who will start work on your project


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How much do our bespoke law services cost?

Our law services are bespoke and prices vary depending on various factors - for example, the type of service you require and how quickly you need it done. For an exact price get in touch with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by 'customised support'?

Our academics treat all projects differently. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution; we take your specific requirements, guidelines, and objectives into account, ensuring that the final product is precisely tailored to your academic needs and goals.

Can I work directly with the academic matched to my order?

We encourage you to upgrade your essay order to include direct contact with your academic. This is part of what makes us one of the best essay writing services: we give you a chance to ask questions, review the essay as it comes together, and contribute your own ideas.

My subject is very specialised. Can you help?

We are very confident that we can. One of the benefits of having been in business for more than 15 years is the depth and breadth of your network. We are proud to be part of a huge network of the best specialist academics. Our experts have helped students with some enormously complex and unique projects, and we believe they can help you too.

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