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Many law students need help with assignments that don't fit within our normal list of products. For these students, we offer a completely bespoke, flexible level of support. Whatever you need, we can help. Get in touch.

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Essays, coursework and model exam answers

Our specialist legal academics can write custom model essays and coursework to your exact specifications. They can also take on larger assignments, like dissertation titles, dissertation proposals and even entire legal dissertations. We guarantee all work is 100% original, plagiarism-free and to the standard requested.

Legal research assignments

Legal research assignments can be especially time consuming given the amount of detail involved and the volume of relevant case law you may be required to work through. It can be a real relief to have an academic on your side who knows the relevant case law and legal history, and has many years of legal research experience. Our academics can help with any legal research assignment. Their work is detailed, nuanced and sophisticated, and they are able to work with any brief you provide. We know that law courses, particularly at LLM level and beyond, can require complex, time consuming research work, and we're ready to help. Please get in touch with an academic consultant to explain what you need, and we'll assign your project to a legal academic who can help.

Skeleton arguments

A skeleton argument is the structural framework upon which effective advocacy is delivered. It's a very important document that is so named as it presents the 'bare bones' of case before trial, when it is typically presented to the court. It's crucial that a skeleton argument be thoroughly researched, prepared and presented clearly and coherently, whether it is for a moot competition or a vocational course assessment. Detail and a logical argument flow are critical. For the overworked law student, this can be a hugely time consuming project. We can help. Our legal academics have years of experience drafting and grading skeleton arguments, and they can provide model skeleton arguments and guidance you can use to make your own work stand out.

Opinion writing

Opinion writing is a practical skill that forms an integral component in a practicing barrister's vocational training. More than anything else, the goal of opinion writing is to communicate a legal opinion to a broad audience including laypeople. Opinion writing is about converting legal research into a legal opinion in a way that reflects the priorities of the client. This relies on analytical and linguistic skills that will be new to many students. Clear language, logical reasoning and a strict lack of legalese are crucial; if your opinion confuses its audience, you've failed your task. Our legal academics can help you figure out how to approach writing legal opinions. We can help you learn the knack of communicating complex legalities in simple, understandable English. If you're struggling with opinion writing, get in touch. You can learn these skills – it just takes time and some one on one guidance from an expert.

A totally confidential service

Law school is a challenging environment, sometimes even cut-throat. We know it's not easy to ask for help, so we've designed our service with your privacy in mind. You can order, pay, download your work and even request edits, all with complete anonymity. The only people who will ever see the model essays and assignments you order from us are your academic, our quality-control team, you, your tutor or lecturer, and anyone else you choose to show it to. Our services are provided with absolute discretion.

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We offer a 10 day window for you to request changes on any legal essays or coursework, and 14 days to request changes on dissertation work. Your satisfaction is our priority.