With the exam season coming up, you might be feeling stressed and slowly overwhelmed. That is a natural reaction as exams are always challenging. Having to prepare for multiple exams at once can be particularly stressful as you need to juggle various subjects and topics while ensuring you've covered everything adequately. The good news is that you can incorporate AI tools and techniques into your revision strategy. To help you out, here we list five ways you can use AI to prepare for exams.

Use AI Text-Summarisation Tools

Preparing for an exam draws on your capacity to summarise research papers or large chunks of information and extract the most essential points. AI text-summarisation tools can be helpful in this regard. These tools use advanced algorithms to analyse large amounts of text and generate concise summaries that capture the main ideas and key concepts. As a starting point, you can try using AskYourPDF, Summarize Bot, or QuillBot, all of which can ease your exam preparation. 

Use AI-Powered Flashcards

Many students benefit from creating flashcards to facilitate their learning and memory recall but find it too time-consuming to create them manually. Here is where AI can help as well. AI platforms such as Anki and Revisely allow you to upload a PDF that includes your learning material and then make custom flashcards for you. By reviewing these flashcards, you can reinforce your understanding of the material at hand.

Use AI Quizzes and Exam Generators

In the past, it was universities that were the sole providers of quizzes and tests to help you prepare for an exam. Today, you can use AI apps to develop such quizzes yourself. For example, you can try QuizBot or QuizGecko apps, which create custom exams and quizzes based on the content you provide. Succeeding to answer the generated questions will boost your confidence in excelling in your exam.

Use ChatGPT Constructively

If you are familiar with ChatGPT and prefer to stick to this AI platform instead of trying out new apps, that is an option as well. If you are unsure about the meaning of your exam material, you can simply ask ChatGPT to explain. Alternatively, you can summarise your understanding of specific topics and ask ChatGPT to provide you feedback, such as by identifying mistakes or inconsistencies in your comprehension. This will help you gain a better understanding of challenging topics for your exam.

Use AI to Make a Study Timetable

A trick to passing exams is organising your time to ensure you study enough while managing to integrate studying into your daily schedule. If you are not skilled in making timetables, AI can help. Although many non-AI-powered apps can craft a timetable, it may be simplest to ask ChatGPT to create one. You will need to specify how many hours you can dedicate to studying per day and what other activities need to be accounted for in your schedule, and ChatGPT will act as a personal coach to help you manage your time.

Takeaway Message

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The takeaway message here is that AI tools can significantly ease your exam preparation. From summarising complex texts and clarifying your exam material to generating custom flashcards and quizzes and even crafting a personalised study timetable, AI can be an invaluable study companion. Try to see how AI could benefit you the most and then select one or more of the above tips to ace your next exam.