Producing a thesis is a lot of work. You need to develop an original topic, conduct some research, comprehend your results, and then – as the most difficult task – write the thesis and make sure it is of excellent quality. Given the complexity of the process, it is no wonder that students get stressed when their thesis is due for submission. The good news is that AI tools can help enhance your thesis and ensure that you submit work that your professors will value. Here we explore some ways AI can boost your thesis writing process.

Use AI to Locate the Literature

All dissertations require a comprehensive literature review that will introduce the topic and evaluate the literature in the area. However, getting hold of the relevant literature is not the easiest task. You may need to spend days browsing academic databases to locate books and articles on the topic. AI can help you speed up this process. In ChatGPT, you can install a plugin called ScholarAI that will list relevant literature in your chosen area. Whether your thesis is in engineering, medicine, business, or humanities, ScholarAI will have access to useful sources that you could consider when developing your literature review.

Use AI to Comprehend and Organise the Literature

Once you have the relevant literature at hand, your next task will be to read through it, comprehend it, and organise it. This step is crucial before starting to write the literature review itself. A ChatGPT plugin that could help you with this task is AskYourPDF. The plugin allows you to upload a PDF, such as a journal article, and summarise its content. You could even ask it questions to enhance your understanding of the source at hand. By repeating this process for all sources you located, AI will help you understand the literature, organise its main points, and report it in your thesis.

Use AI to Develop your Methodology Section

Regardless of your area of study, your thesis will require describing a methodological approach you adopted in your research. Students often find methodologies confusing because they encompass various strategies and techniques that must be tailored to a specific research question. ChatGPT can act as a personal methodology tutor and help you out. ChatGPT has an extensive understanding of different methodologies – so, by describing your research in the chat, the AI tool can help you discern what methodology you are using and why. When prompted, it can even suggest how to report your methodology and what methodological aspects you should consider to have a well-developed methodology section.

Use AI to Understand Your Results

Within your thesis, you will report quantitative or qualitative results – depending on your research's investigation. Your results will need to be understood in the context of your thesis and such understanding will require an interpretation based on the reviewed literature and adopted methodology. This may sound complex but AI can simplify the process for you. Paste your literature review and methodology section in ChatGPT and ask it to review it. Once done, explain your results to ChatGPT and ask it to interpret them in the context of your thesis. The tool will produce relevant insights that could spark your thinking about your results.

Use AI to Boost your Discussion Section

Your last step in the thesis-writing process will be to develop a discussion section. You will need to discuss aspects such as the strengths and limitations of your research and implications for the literature and real life. This is another section where ChatGPT can give relevant insights. Instruct it to brainstorm about strengths, limitations, and implications of your study and results to get ideas to start writing. However, be sure to cherry-pick only the best ideas that you could develop further as it is these ideas that will boost your thesis the most.

Takeaway Message

Writing a thesis is a complex process – however, it is a process that can be simplified and enhanced by AI. You can use ChatGPT for all aspects of your thesis, including the literature review, methodology, results, and discussion. By helping you locate and comprehend the literature, describe your methodology, understand your results, and gain insights into the strengths, limitations, and implications of your research, ChatGPT can enhance your thesis and help you produce a work that your supervisors will appreciate.

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