Frequently asked questions

Will my work and my details remain confidential?

Yes, absolutely. We have helped over 10,000 students with all manner of their studies, from essay and dissertation writing to model exam answers, to editing and proofreading, and more. For every single customer we serve, we guarantee 100% customer confidentiality.

We also abide by the very latest GDPR regulations and the Data Protection Act. You can ask for your account to be closed whenever you would like. You can simply call us, WhatsApp us or email us asking to close your account and we will do that right away.

We understand that some customers may wish to remain anonymous throughout the order and delivery process. You don't need to give us your full or real name, and can pay with a cryptocurrency – we just need a working email address so you can access your account and download your order once ready.

Whatever you need help with, rest assured that our service is professional and discreet. Your data and privacy are 100% protected at all times.