Frequently asked questions

What are your upgrade services?

We offer a range of upgrades that can be added to most orders:

• Extended alterations allow you to extend the traditional alteration timescale, giving you more time to read and review your project. We recommend this upgrade if you are working with a deadline at least a month in advance. You can extend by a week, 14 days, or longer.

• An essay development plan is a 650 or 1,000 word document that gives a synopsis of the work and provides a justification of the research done and the main aspects left out. It also includes a bibliography and gives you directions for developing the work further.

• A revision guide is a one or two-page overview of an essay or assignment, telling you how to revise for any testing on this subject.

• Direct contact with academic is an option designed for better co-working between you and your academic. Select this upgrade in order to speak with your academic via our online tutoring platform or, if possible, face to face.