An assignment is a piece of work that you are given by your tutor to be completed outside class time.  If you are given research assignments, often the material collated from the research will appear in essay format.  For example, an assignment which requires an investigation into the impact of the smoking ban on the English pub, might require the student to problem solve by developing a questionnaire to discover people’s opinions.  The results would be collated and presented in an essay format.  In this case, assignment writing will need the same skills that would be used for academic essays.

Assignment writing – preparation

Tackling assignment writing is a task that requires good planning.  To begin, make sure that you understand how to write an essay.  Your lecture notes should be the starting point for your assignment reading.  These will show you the limits of your studies and will remind you of the lecturer’s favourite authors and texts.  From there you will move on to texts you find on the reading list.

If the assignment requires you to conduct questionnaires or other information gathering then you need to investigate methods of primary research.

Assignment Deadlines

The importance of meeting the assignment deadline can’t be stressed strongly enough.  If you miss a deadline the penalties can be severe.

On the Kingston University ASK US forum, students explain that if the work in that college is up to a week late you will get a maximum mark of 40%.  So, your work could be capable of getting a First, but if it’s late you’ll only get 40% no matter how good the work is.  If it is any later than a week you get zero.  The tutor might mark it, but it simply won’t count towards your final grade.

This sort of penalty gives students incredible motivation to plan early and make absolutely sure that work is handed in on time.

Assignment writing services

When you’re overwhelmed with assignments, a professional essay writing service company can help you by providing you with model assignment writing.  They can write assignments for you to use as a guide for your studies.

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