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  • essay referencing tips
    Our top 10 essay referencing tips
    10th August 2018

    Familiarise yourself with the most popular referencing systems, notably Oxford (footnotes) and Harvard (parenthetical). Plenty of internet sources provide helpful assistance in gaining a thorough understanding of the notation of the major systems, and how and when to use them.

  • First Class Essays
    17th March 2012

    Recent reports show that more and more students are looking outside university for help with essay writing skills. Many turn to companies like Oxbridge essays to help them learn the techniques required to write a first class essay.

  • Is This The End For UK Essays?
    15th April 2011

    As British classrooms turn increasingly to digital learning aids and education technology, are we witnessing the age of the demise of UK essays? Will the traditional essay writing style of education be replaced by faster, more modern online learning and testing techniques?

  • National Gallery Art History Essay
    Art History essay writing guide: top tips!
    23rd June 2010

    Although the general information given on how to write an essay goes a long way to helping the Art History student, there are some parts of essay writing technique which are particular to the Art History essay.  Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:-

  • Essay guide: types of essay
    17th June 2010

    Essays can be divided into different types and each type requires a particular skill in approach. Some styles of descriptive essay writing (such as narrative) are less useful in an academic environment since they do not encourage the student to display critical thinking. However, you might use pieces of all these essay styles within the confines of one essay or a dissertation, for example, the overall essay may be a discussion, but you may need a section of definition to explain terms. Here’s a brief overview of the sorts of essay you might come across during your studies.

  • Essay writing toolkit – Reference books
    09th June 2010

    While you are writing essays it is useful to have some reference books to hand. Although there is a great deal of material online to help with general reference queries, websites are not always reliable. It pays to have some decent reference books. Some of these will be available to borrow from the local library or university library, so that you can try them out and see which titles you prefer. However, in time you will probably want to buy several of these. Below we deal with some of the general language texts that can help you with your writing and essay proofreading.

  • Essay writing tips: academic writing
    08th June 2010

    You need to strike a balance between academic writing and pompous writing. You want to sound erudite, but not arrogant. The best way to learn how to achieve this balance is to read as many academic articles or chapters as you can by established and respected academics.

    Equally, you don’t want to use long or complex words simply to show off or try to sound intelligent. The best plan is to stick to John H. Patterson’s advice: “Use small words, big ideas, and short sentences”.

  • UK essays: grammar skills
    19th May 2010

    Your essay editing or dissertation writing wouldn’t be complete without a look at grammar. Many students are now showing an interest in grammar. Internet use and text speak have eroded the way we use language and it has got to the point where sometimes we don’t have any idea about correct usage. Students also feel confused over whether they should be using American English or British English for their UK essays. The popularity of authors like David Crystal and Lynne Truss shows that many people care about good language use and want to feel confident about their writing.

  • Best essay advice: write my essay with style!
    14th May 2010

    This blog often focuses on the practical side of essay composition, but what about the style of your writing? How can you make sure that the way you write and your choice of words isn’t letting you down? Follow these top essay writing pointers to make sure your writing style isn’t letting you down.

  • How to write an essay: Essay writing skills
    04th May 2010

    It’s sensible to spend time on an essay plan. A well-structured essay makes it easier for the marker to understand your arguments. It also shows that you have a clear and logical mind if you’ve set out your essay in an ordered fashion. Plan the essay before you even start the reading.