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  • Students studying for their university degree
    International student numbers: a cause for concern?
    04th December 2017
  • Thawing the frosty welcome for international students
    21st September 2017
  • UCAS extra
    Entry through UCAS Extra: what you need to know
    23rd February 2017
  • Shocking Inequality Revealed at Scottish Universities
    13th June 2012

    Shocking figures released in a Freedom of Information request have shown that admissions at several prestigious Scottish universities are extremely biased towards wealthier students.

  • £18,000 Private College has “Lowest State School Intake”
    22nd April 2012

    The controversial New College of the Humanities has hit the headlines once again, as academics claim its 22% state school intake represents the lowest number of state school pupils taken by any university. With £18,000 per year tuition fees, it’s not hard to see why the college is facing claims of academic elitism…

  • MIT’s Free Online Course
    14th February 2012

    For the first time a university-level course has been made available free of charge to students all over the world in a completely digital format. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has launched its exciting and innovative MITx online learning initiative.

  • Tuition Fees Critic Rejected as University Watchdog Chief
    10th February 2012

    A group of Conservative MPs has voted to prevent Les Ebdon, chair of the Million+ university think tank and tuition fees critic, from becoming director of the Office for Fair Access to Education. The implications for higher education policy are extremely disturbing.

  • University Applications Statistics Revealed
    02nd February 2012

    Figures released by UCAS show the full extent of the impact of raised tuition fees on this year’s crop of university applications. We take a closer look at the numbers.

  • University Tuition Fees Commission Created
    30th January 2012

    A new tuition fees commission has been set up to investigate the effects of the new higher education funding scheme, paying particular attention to the impact on students from poorer backgrounds. Will Hutton will lead the commission.

  • Alan Bennett Denounces Tuition Fees
    13th December 2011

    Great British playwright Alan Bennett has lamented the certain impact raised tuition fees will have on talented students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Bennett denounced the coalition government’s tuition fees scheme, saying that it will prevent talented writers like himself from working-class backgrounds from managing to reach university.