university access

  • One Fifth of Universities Change Tuition Fees
    05th December 2011

    More bad news for university admissions this week, as last-minute tuition fees changes throw applicants into turmoil. Those who have already applied miss out on the chance to take advantage of lowered fees at 25 universities, while worrying evidence suggests that the lowered fees are a direct result of withdrawn bursary and scholarship funding.

  • Tuition Fees Chaos Wreaks Havoc with University Applications
    21st October 2011

    With 28 universities announcing plans to revise their tuition fees arrangements, university applications have been thrown into chaos. Tens of thousands of students trying to navigate the already complex fees arrangements are now being forced to make blind decisions about where to apply. We explain the developments that have caused these problems, and who is likely to be worst affected.

  • Real Oxbridge Interview Questions Revealed!
    10th October 2011

    In a controversial move, specific genuine Oxbridge interview questions have been released for the first time in an attempt to demystify the applications process. We look at the set of questions released and draw conclusions from them about what to expect from an Oxbridge interview, and how you are expected to answer.

  • Bursaries Fail to Attract Poor Students
    29th September 2011

    Worrying new statistics show that increasing financial support in the form of bursaries does not necessarily help attract students from disadvantaged backgrounds to apply to elite universities. We ask what this means for the new tuition fees scheme and how we can address the problem of equal access to university for all.

  • Are UK Universities Racist?
    20th September 2011

    A spate of disturbing stories regarding racism in UK higher education has recently hit the headlines. We look more closely at the incidents and consider the problem of racism at UK universities.

  • Report Claims Tuition Fees Unfair and Unworkable
    22nd August 2011

    The long-awaited Higher Education Policy Institute response to the government’s white paper on higher education has arrived, and it isn’t pretty. We summarise its condemnation of the new tuition fees policy and the damning predictions for the damage to be caused to social mobility and fair access to education.

  • University Bidding War for A-Grade Students
    02nd August 2011

    A controversial new government policy has sparked a bidding frenzy for students with the best A-Level grades, forcing universities into direct competition with one another. We look at the possible impact the new scheme might have on higher education.

  • Schools Scholarships Scheme
    23rd July 2011

    Simon Hughes, advocate for access to education, has recommended the government change its scholarship scheme to give schools, not universities, the right to award tuition fees scholarships in 2012. We look at the details and implications of the scheme.

  • £9000 Fees Confirmed by “Toothless” Regulator
    15th July 2011

    When the government regulatory body OFFA announced this week that all English universities had been allowed to charge the fees they had set for themselves, equal access campaigners were angry but unsurprised. The ‘toothless’ regulators put in place by the government to allow tuition fees of £9000 only “under exceptional circumstances” have allowed fees to climb to an average of £8393.

  • Huge Gulf Revealed in Private: State Oxbridge Entry
    08th July 2011

    New figures this week revealed a shocking divide between pupils from private and state schools getting into the elite Oxford and Cambridge Universities. Is Oxbridge entry biased, or does the problem lie elsewhere in the education system?