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  • Why Schools MUST Introduce Body Image Lessons
    01st June 2012

    In light of extremely worrying revelations from a Parliamentary report on body image, we must take action to arm children against unhealthy and unrealistic media ideals of appearence.

  • UK Teacher Numbers Drop by 10,000 in a Year
    25th April 2012

    A shocking new statistic reveals that the number of teachers in England’s state schools plummeted by 10,000 within a single year. We look into the reasons why.

  • Are Bullies Spoiling School Sport?
    17th April 2012

    A startling new survey shows that over 50% of children have experienced taunting and threats on the school sports field, raising concerns about bullying and bad sportsmanship.

  • Are Parents to Blame for Unruly Children?
    01st April 2012

    A new survey by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers showed this week that classroom behaviour has deteriorated rapidly over the past five years. We ask whether parents or schools are to blame.

  • School English Language Support Threatened
    30th December 2011

    In a further blow to UK schools, the government is considering cutting the amount of English language support available to pupils who speak English as a second language…

  • UK Education Damaged by Cuts
    28th December 2011

    New research undertaken by the Guardian newspaper reveals disturbing evidence that the drastic education cuts are already having a marked effect on UK schools.

  • Are Girls Naughtier Than Boys?
    22nd April 2011

    A new survey of teachers across the UK has revealed startling results about deteriorating classroom behaviour. We ask whether girls really are naughtier than boys, whether it impacts on their academic achievements, and why classroom behaviour seems to be going downhill at such a pace.

  • Primary School League Tables: 1000 Failing Schools
    30th December 2010

    With the publication of this month’s primary schools league tables, still more questions are being raised about the handling of education at all levels by the coalition government. Fresh on the heels of the tuition fees row and the furore over higher education, new concerns have been voiced about the government’s failure to support the poorerst and most underpriveleged pupils at all stages of their education.