student protest

  • Cambridge students and “decolonising” the syllabus
    06th November 2017
  • Is Cambridge Defend Education Defensible?
    18th January 2012

    Cambridge Defend Education has divided opinion with its tuition fees protests, its occupations and its interruption of a speech by Universities Minister David Willetts. With respected Cambridge professors stepping into the ring, we look at the arguments both for and against the controversial group.

  • Cambridge Students Force Willetts Out
    25th November 2011

    A dramatic confrontation took place at Cambridge University this week, where anti-tuition fees protesters confronted Universities Minister David Willetts during an organised lecture and forced him to leave the stage, abandoning his speech.

  • Slashed EMA Hits College Enrolment
    13th October 2011

    As predicted by campaigners and protesters, the enrolment figures now prove that the government decision to slash the Education Maintenance Allowance has had a devastating effect on college enrolment figures amongst the poorest students. Read on for a detailed analysis of the facts and figures.

  • Students to Fight Tuition Fees in High Court
    25th June 2011

    As the tuition fees furore continues, two teenagers have won an unprecedented battle to take the fight to the High Court. They will argue that the government’s new tuition fees policy contravenes human rights law by disadvantaging students from poorer backgrounds and creating an elitist system where university is for the rich.

  • Save the EMA
    26th April 2011

    A heartfelt plea from a 15 year old schoolboy has reopened the debate on the EMA. We recap the key details of the EMA and its demise, and outline the government’s scheme to replace it with a £180 million fund. But will it be too little too late for UK education?

  • Tuition Fees Revealed: Average Fees Above £8700
    19th April 2011

    As the deadline arrives for universities to submit their proposed levels of tuition fees for 2012, we provide a condensed summary of all the vital facts and developments on tuition fees.

  • What really happened at the protests?
    29th March 2011

    Reports of the mass protest against government cuts on March 26 have been so varied that it has been difficult for anybody to piece together a realistic picture of what actually took place. We pick through the wildly different accounts of the day to find out what really happened.