student politics

  • Nursing students protest
    Are we facing a university applications crisis?
    30th January 2018
  • UK Schools in ‘Anti-Gay Marriage’ Scandal
    02nd May 2012

    A row has erupted over claims that a letter sent to over 300 Catholic state schools urged against gay marriage and may have led to some students being encouraged to sign an online petition.

  • UK Teacher Numbers Drop by 10,000 in a Year
    25th April 2012

    A shocking new statistic reveals that the number of teachers in England’s state schools plummeted by 10,000 within a single year. We look into the reasons why.

  • Tuition Fees Early Repayment Fines Abandoned
    17th February 2012

    The government has announced plans to abandon the early loan repayment penalties which had initially formed part of its new tuition fees scheme. We reveal the political horse-trading behind the decision.

  • Tuition Fees Critic Rejected as University Watchdog Chief
    10th February 2012

    A group of Conservative MPs has voted to prevent Les Ebdon, chair of the Million+ university think tank and tuition fees critic, from becoming director of the Office for Fair Access to Education. The implications for higher education policy are extremely disturbing.

  • Is Cambridge Defend Education Defensible?
    18th January 2012

    Cambridge Defend Education has divided opinion with its tuition fees protests, its occupations and its interruption of a speech by Universities Minister David Willetts. With respected Cambridge professors stepping into the ring, we look at the arguments both for and against the controversial group.

  • One Fifth of Universities Change Tuition Fees
    05th December 2011

    More bad news for university admissions this week, as last-minute tuition fees changes throw applicants into turmoil. Those who have already applied miss out on the chance to take advantage of lowered fees at 25 universities, while worrying evidence suggests that the lowered fees are a direct result of withdrawn bursary and scholarship funding.

  • University Applications at “Crisis Point”
    01st December 2011

    As the university applications period progresses, the number of students applying for higher education courses continues to fall dramatically compared to this time last year. The government continues to make excuses, but the opposition has stepped forward with a bold new promise for higher education.