• Why Schools MUST Introduce Body Image Lessons
    01st June 2012

    In light of extremely worrying revelations from a Parliamentary report on body image, we must take action to arm children against unhealthy and unrealistic media ideals of appearence.

  • A Bible in Every Classroom
    29th May 2012

    A controversial new scheme aims to put a Bible in every English school, but not everybody is equally excited by the idea…

  • how can we stop school children smoking
    How Can We Stop School Children Smoking?
    18th May 2012

    Startling figures reveal the true extent of the underage smoking problem in the UK. But what is the best way to stop school children smoking, and whose responsibility is it anyway?

  • Should PE be ‘Fun’ for Girls?
    05th May 2012

    A new survey reveals that the number of girls doing enough physical exercise is disturbingly low – and shows that many female pupils have pinpointed school PE lessons as the reason why.

  • UK Schools in ‘Anti-Gay Marriage’ Scandal
    02nd May 2012

    A row has erupted over claims that a letter sent to over 300 Catholic state schools urged against gay marriage and may have led to some students being encouraged to sign an online petition.

  • Should We Teach RE in Schools?
    11th April 2012

    Should we teach RE in schools? A recent comment by the Archbishop of Canterbury has sparked a debate on the inclusion of religious education on the National Curriculum.

  • Should Children Leave School at 14?
    03rd October 2011

    Former Chief Inspector of schools Sir Chris Woodhead has called for the school leaving age in England to be reduced to 14, provoking a furiously heated response across the country. We examine his argument, and those angrily raised against it.

  • Should School Discipline Be Stricter?
    15th August 2011

    Following a wave of violence on British streets, politicians and campaigners have questioned school discipline, asking whether stricter rules in school would translate to better behaviour outside the classroom.