While you’re working on your essays or revision sheets, it’s useful to know your learning style.  Learning styles have been identified by education theorists.  By being aware of the different learning styles, teachers are able to make sure that their classes or lectures contain a range of different material so that each type of learner will be able to relate to the class and understand the material.

Visual Learners

Some learners find it easier to learn by looking at visual representations. These could be Overhead Projector images or PowerPoint presentations, charts written on the board or through watching demonstrations.  They will find it very difficult to learn if their view of the teacher or the learning material is obscured.  They may also find it easier to study in a quiet place and enjoy using a range of multimedia technology for study (watching videos, using computers, and so on).

Auditory Learners

These learners like to listen or have discussions about the topic in order to learn. If they are given material to read, they may find it easier to understand if they read it out loud.  They like making speeches or presentations in class.  For these learners, recording their notes on a tape recorder and listening to them may be better than simple reading.

Tactile Learners

These learners find it easier to learn when they can touch the learning materials or be involved in an activity in order to learn.  They tend to take lots of breaks during study time.  They may listen to music while studying or do something else at the same time as studying.

What type of learner are you?

In reality, most of us have a combination of learning styles.  We may find that we prefer to learn different subjects in different ways, but one particular style may be dominant.

To discover your learning style you can take this test:


Or you could try the VARK Questionnaire:


If you’ve been finding it hard to gather information for essay writing or another assignment it may be that you’re using the wrong learning style for you.  Try one of the tests above to find out your learning style.  Do you agree with the results?  Let us know by posting a comment below.