If you are starting university this September in the UK, you need embrace the fantastic opportunity and live each day to its fullest because you will always remember your student years as the best time of your life!

People always say that being a student and living the student lifestyle is one of the most memorable experiences you will ever encounter. Essentially going to university is to become independent, study and gain further qualifications but where is the fun if there is all work and no play?

Students are renowned for playing pranks on one another and their teachers and Oxbridge Essays can reveal the top funniest pranks acted out from around the world.

Waited until your flatmate left for the evening and covered everything in their room in newspaper. Similar pranks include turning everything upside down!

There is always a time and place to go planking with your mates

Disturbed your lecture by dressing up


Put your friend’s hand in a bowl of water whilst they are sleeping

Created a prank against a rival university

‘Fraped’ your friend’s social networking page when they’ve left their laptop unlocked

The whole class grouped together to prank one individual student

In 1958, an anonymous group of students at Cambridge pulled the biggest prank of all time by perching a car on top of an inaccessible rooftop

Swapped your roommate’s bedroom furniture with the living room decor

Woken up a student that has fallen asleep