• Why Schools MUST Introduce Body Image Lessons
    01st June 2012

    In light of extremely worrying revelations from a Parliamentary report on body image, we must take action to arm children against unhealthy and unrealistic media ideals of appearence.

  • how can we stop school children smoking
    How Can We Stop School Children Smoking?
    18th May 2012

    Startling figures reveal the true extent of the underage smoking problem in the UK. But what is the best way to stop school children smoking, and whose responsibility is it anyway?

  • Are Parents to Blame for Unruly Children?
    01st April 2012

    A new survey by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers showed this week that classroom behaviour has deteriorated rapidly over the past five years. We ask whether parents or schools are to blame.

  • Should School Children Stop Watching Music Videos?
    14th June 2011

    As media commentators battle it out over government plans to introduce age ratings for music videos, we explore the impact the music industry can have on children and their education.