Before you start writing your master’s dissertation it is extremely important to find the best possible supervisor to help and guide you through the dissertation writing process. When asking how to write a dissertation, many students forget that all highly graded dissertation examples have in common a strong and productive student-supervisor relationship. There are several important tips to remember when choosing a supervisor.

The right supervisor for your subject

It might sound obvious, but make sure your supervisor is the best possible person to help with your specific dissertation title. It might seem tempting to go for somebody you know already or somebody popular, but finding a dissertation supervisor who is an expert in the specific field you are writing your dissertation on is the most important criteria.

Their intimate knowledge of the topic itself and the academic field surrounding it will be indispensable as they guide you through the dissertation writing process.

A strong working relationship

If you are choosing from supervisors you have worked with before, for your master’s dissertation do choose one with whom you feel you had a strong and productive working relationship. It is best to avoid a supervisor who made you feel nervous or anxious, even if you respect them. When you are writing your dissertation you will need to be able to express your ideas openly and confidently to your supervisor, and to explore your full academic capability without being afraid of making mistakes.

In order to write the best dissertation example you possibly can, you need a supervisor who will allow you to feel supported and free to experiment with new ideas and to push the boundaries of your writing.

Equally, do not be tempted to choose a supervisor who is too laid-back and relaxed, even if you found them particularly easy going. The process of writing your master’s dissertation is intense and pressurised and you will need somebody who will gently push you and keep you motivated if you are going to get it done in time and to the best of your ability.

Good recommendations

The advice of students from previous years is usually invaluable – ask them honestly to share their own experiences with you, they may be able to provide you with excellent inside information about the style and expertise of various dissertation supervisors.

A supervisor with your best interests at heart

Many students tend to approach a dissertation supervisor whose profile is very high within the University or who is an important member of their college or faculty. Remember, although these supervisors may have a great deal of expertise, their schedules may already be tightly packed – make sure you find a supervisor who has enough time to truly provide you with all the support and attention your dissertation deserves.

A slightly less senior supervisor will often have just as much knowledge and skill in your dissertation area of study, but be more motivated to help you towards top dissertation marks to improve their own reputation and academic success as well as yours.