It’s time to start focusing on revision, but knowing where to start can be tricky.  As well as revising you need to start practicing a new style of essay writing especially for exams.

How much time should I spend revising?

Quality is far more important than quantity when it comes to revision.  Make a plan for each of the subjects you are revising.  Break the work down into small chunks and do a little every day.  Decide on a variety of methods to help you tackle the work.  Don’t push yourself to study for hours every day.  You never know; two well-planned sessions of 45 minutes a day might help you learn more than other people trying to cram their minds with facts for 8 hours at a stretch.

Revision Variety

Use a selection of different revision methods. You might spend one session working through past papers, then another time you might produce flashcards, or draw mind maps or other diagrams to help you recall information.  You might use audio recordings and listen to these while you go for a run, or perhaps you have a friend that you enjoy studying with.  Explore the options and see what works for you.  A range of different approaches can help you keep motivated.

Student Forums – Essay Advice

Student forums can provide a great way of getting advice from students studying similar courses to you and allow you to discuss things that perhaps you don’t want to mention to the people on your course.  If you’re having trouble with something that everyone else in your class seems to understand then it can be embarrassing to admit.  By going on a forum you’ll get advice from students you never have to meet.

The downsides of forums include the fact that sometimes you can post up a query that no one responds to.  This can happen particularly in holiday time.  There are just some days that everyone seems to want to discuss music or the condition of the student union rather than worry about revision.

Essay Writing and Health

Perhaps most important of all, decent sleep, exercise and nutrition will enhance your performance.  It’s tempting to stay up late revising, but your memory will work much more efficiently after a good night’s sleep.  Look after yourself during this time.  High sugar foods may give you a temporary boost to keep studying, but will leave you feeling burnt out over time.

Different essay styles

Remember to practice essays and look at essay examples for the exam.  These are different from essays written for assignments. If you are having any particular revision problems, post a comment below so that we can look for a solution!