A fifth of students believe that teaching standards at their university are poor, according to research.

A survey of 3,400 undergraduates by the website Student Hut found that 19.6 per are unimpressed by lectures and seminars.

Some 20.8 per cent believe that levels of support available outside of timetables sessions was lacking, it emerged.
Dan Lever, founder of Student Hut, which is a Trip Advisor-style website enabling students to rate their degree, said many students “feel that their experiences are not living up to the expectations they were sold in brochures”.

This corroborates our own findings about what students think of the quality of their tuition, and further validates our reason for being, and the services we offer. However bad the teaching might be at their universities, students can always come to us for advice and help with their university work, and can buy exemplary model essays which set the tone for the work they need to produce themselves.