Welcome to the new Oxbridge Essays website.

Our academics have written 60,000 custom essays and dissertations since we opened our business in 2005. In fact, we calculate we have written more than 250 million words for our customers.

We’ve built our business by using OxbridgeEssays.com as a platform to connect ambitious students with the UK’s very best academics. In the last couple of years, we’ve felt that the quality of our site fell short of the quality of our service. We know businesses need to evolve to stay relevant, and it was clear we couldn’t stand still.

The solution was a full site redesign focused on offering a smoother, simpler user experience – a platform that makes it easier than ever for our customers to get better grades. After nearly a year of planning, design, coding, writing and testing, our new site is live.

Here are some highlights:


-Living desk concept

Our new site is based on a ‘living desk’ concept. As you navigate around the site you’ll explore different areas of the ‘live’ desktop, placing you in an environment that is both uncluttered and familiar.

The use of white space and modern typography with blue highlights enhances the feeling of space and freshness. The new headline font, Roboto Slab, is very legible with a strong personality. We’ve done away with cramped text and built a site that’s easy on the eyes, even at the end of a long day in front of your computer.


-Easy ordering system

Whether you’re a new or existing customer, placing your order should be an enjoyable and straightforward process. The trouble is, as services evolve, order processes can get unwieldy – and our old site was an example of this.

Following an extensive user experience overhaul, we’ve designed a completely new order form that combines the pricing and order pages into one process. We’ve broken the workflow down into simple steps, and our new order page guides you intuitively through each, limiting the amount of information you need to deal with at any one time.

The best bit? With our new site, ordering any piece of work takes around three minutes.


Dashboard 2

The new-look customer account is your private login area at Oxbridge Essays. It’s your control centre for all the important tasks: tracking the progress of your order, editing your details, making payments and collecting your finished essay. Unlike the old portal, your account is on our website, with everything neatly organised and stored in one place.

If you’re an existing customer you can use your current login details to access the portal. If you’re a new customer you’ll automatically be set up with a private login when you place your first order.


Mobile friendly

You’ve told us that you want to be able to place orders and track delivery of an essay using your phone or tablet device. We now have a dedicated mobile layout which allows you to enjoy the experience of our desktop site wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.


With this new site, our look and feel may be different but our priorities haven’t changed: it has never been easier to order a model essay, presentation or other coursework. We’d love to know what you think about the changes we’ve made, and if you have ideas to make our site or service better, we’re ready to listen. Above all, our site is for you – to help you get better grades.

Share your feedback.

Thanks for being on board. We’re excited to welcome you to our new site.

The team at Oxbridge Essays.