a levels

  • unconditional offers on the rise
    Unconditional offers on the rise: what it means
    10th January 2018
  • Should Universities Set A-Levels?
    08th April 2012

    Education Secretary Michael Gove has proposed allowing universities to set the content of A-level exams, but the scheme has met with a mixed response from many quarters…

  • “Soft Subjects” Disadvantage University Applications
    06th February 2011

    As the Russell Group of the top 20 UK universities releases a pamphlet warning against taking “soft subjects” at A-level, we question their impact on university entrance, and ask why, if they are so frowned-upon academically, these subjects continue to be taught at all.”

  • Are girls smarter than boys?
    29th September 2010

    With all the furore over the ever improving A level and GCSE results, the questions raised about the purpose and efficacy of the new A* grade and the heated debate over the roles of teachers, students and examination boards in determining the level of results achieved, one surprising statistic seems to have been largely overlooked […]