• Top UK Universities 2013
    25th May 2012

    The prestigious Guardian University Guide 2013 shows some suprising upsets in the rankings as tuition fees loom…

  • Tuition Fees Feedback Negative
    22nd May 2012

    A stark report from the Higher Education Policy Institute has shown that since tuition fees trebled to over £3000 in 2006, students have not benefitted from increased contact hours or decreased class sizes, prompting fears that the new £9000 fees in 2012 will be similarly unrewarding for university students.

  • how can we stop school children smoking
    How Can We Stop School Children Smoking?
    18th May 2012

    Startling figures reveal the true extent of the underage smoking problem in the UK. But what is the best way to stop school children smoking, and whose responsibility is it anyway?

  • UK Higher Education Only 10th Best Globally
    14th May 2012

    Yet another global ranking of higher education has seen UK universities plummet compared to their international competitors since severe government cuts to education. This one, by Universitas 21, warns that government funding is a vital aspect of international reputation.

  • Should PE be ‘Fun’ for Girls?
    05th May 2012

    A new survey reveals that the number of girls doing enough physical exercise is disturbingly low – and shows that many female pupils have pinpointed school PE lessons as the reason why.

  • UK Schools in ‘Anti-Gay Marriage’ Scandal
    02nd May 2012

    A row has erupted over claims that a letter sent to over 300 Catholic state schools urged against gay marriage and may have led to some students being encouraged to sign an online petition.

  • Still More Upheaval Ahead for UK Universities
    28th April 2012

    Before the dust has settled on the enormous upheaval to tuition fees and university policy, the government is already making moves to shake up higher education and university admissions in 2013. Many fear this is too much change, too soon.

  • UK Teacher Numbers Drop by 10,000 in a Year
    25th April 2012

    A shocking new statistic reveals that the number of teachers in England’s state schools plummeted by 10,000 within a single year. We look into the reasons why.

  • £18,000 Private College has “Lowest State School Intake”
    22nd April 2012

    The controversial New College of the Humanities has hit the headlines once again, as academics claim its 22% state school intake represents the lowest number of state school pupils taken by any university. With £18,000 per year tuition fees, it’s not hard to see why the college is facing claims of academic elitism…

  • Are Bullies Spoiling School Sport?
    17th April 2012

    A startling new survey shows that over 50% of children have experienced taunting and threats on the school sports field, raising concerns about bullying and bad sportsmanship.