• London University to Cut Down on Alcohol and Sex
    14th April 2012

    A London university has announced plans to consider introducing alcohol-free zones on campus amid concerns that more cultural sensitivity is needed to cater to Muslim students.

  • Should We Teach RE in Schools?
    11th April 2012

    Should we teach RE in schools? A recent comment by the Archbishop of Canterbury has sparked a debate on the inclusion of religious education on the National Curriculum.

  • Should Universities Set A-Levels?
    08th April 2012

    Education Secretary Michael Gove has proposed allowing universities to set the content of A-level exams, but the scheme has met with a mixed response from many quarters…

  • Are Parents to Blame for Unruly Children?
    01st April 2012

    A new survey by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers showed this week that classroom behaviour has deteriorated rapidly over the past five years. We ask whether parents or schools are to blame.

  • Fairer UCAS Applications Scrapped
    28th March 2012

    UCAS has shelved plans to introduce post-results university applications, in spite of many students feeling it would be a much fairer and more transparent way to organise admissions.

  • UK University Reputations Slipping
    24th March 2012

    The Times Higher Education university rankings show that UK universities are slipping down the table as their reputation suffers from cuts and tuition fees chaos.

  • 45,000 UK Students Caught Cheating
    21st March 2012

    A shocking investigation has revealed that 45,000 students at UK universities were caught cheating in the past three years. We look at the reasons why students cheat, and how the problem might be solved.

  • How to Ace an Ivy League Interview
    13th March 2012

    Prospective applicants might be surprised by just how greatly the Ivy League interview differs from the traditional, academic process favoured by UK institutions like Oxford and Cambridge. We give you our top tips on acing the interview across the pond!

  • How to Write the Perfect Ivy League Admissions Essay
    09th March 2012

    Writing an Ivy League admissions essay is a daunting task, particularly for UK students who are unfamiliar with the style and content required. Follow our top tips to create the perfect admissions essay for Ivy League success!

  • How to Get Into the Ivy League
    05th March 2012

    Applying to the American Ivy League from the UK is no simple task. We have the lowdown on everything you need to know to ace that Ivy League application, from SAT tests to admissions essays.